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11th Grade CP American Literature Comp A
Instructor: Ms. Khweiss   

This is a literature-based course which focuses on the study of American literature and includes the study of the development of American literature from the Colonial period to the twentieth century. Expressive literary works are surveyed for content, style, syntax, diction, and relevancy to our time. Attention is given to major thematic ideas such as Regionalism, Transcendentalism, Puritanism, Nationalism, as well as to major American authors and significant historical periods. Composition, research, public speaking, test preparation, and the use of current technology are integrated into the semester's study. Students are to improve grammar and usage skills through various analytical and persuasive essay assignments. Emphasis is placed on the development of critical and analytical thinking skills through classroom discussion and compositions.
  • What does it mean to be an American?
  • What is the true definition of the American dream?
  • How is the conflict between the value of independence embedded deep within the myth of the American hero and the demands of a Democratic government for order and stability negotiated throughout the American literary cannon?
  • What is the price that an American individual must pay to pursue the ideals of the Founding Fathers in the face of a society, which demands conformity for stability?
  • How does the political, religious and social context of American history impact the evolution of the American literary figure?
  • How has American literature evolved based on the context of the time period?
Essay Format
­General information (2-3 sentences)
Body – “Sundays, too”
­Topic Sentence
­Textual Evidence
­Concluding statement
Body 2— “My Papa’s Waltz”
­Topic Sentence
­Textual Evidence
­Concluding statement
Body 3—Death of a Salesman
­Topic Sentence
­Textual Evidence
­Concluding statement

Rules for writing a thematic synthesis paper:
1) Thesis must answer the following: How does Roethke, Hayden,
and Miller implement the theme you found in their text?
2) Topic Sentences must connect to thesis
3) Titles of all three texts must be mentioned in introduction and
introduced properly (italics for books, quotation marks for poems, etc.)
4) Textual evidence must be cited properly
(Ex: Roethke states, “The hand that held my wrist/was battered on one
knuckle” (9-10).
(Ex: Willy says, “Biff is a lazy bum” (Miller 6).

Synthesis Essay Instructions
Both texts have to do with the following subjects:
Ignorance of youth
Complexity of father and son relationships
Due Wednesday: Type up a 5 paragraph essay (no more than 2 pages).
1) Choose a subject and discuss how the author creates a theme/message through that subject within all three texts.
2) Be sure to connect this theme to a purpose. You must use one piece of evidence per text.
3) Prove the theme through a literary element. (Characterization, conflict, POV, etc.)
MLA format (double-spaces, size 12, times new roman, etc.)
HW due 2/20.15
Write a paragraph response using textual evidence based on the following prompt.
Choose a relationship to analyze—What is Miller trying to show/criticize through the depiction of this relationship?
A) Use 5 vocabulary words in your paragraph.
B) Use one piece of evidence.
Remember structure of a paragraph!
-Textual Evidence
-Concluding Statement
Benchmark rescheduled
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